Most people refer to the recent economic turmoil as a “recession.” Rather what we’re currently going through is a fundamental global economic transformation. This transformation is similar to those that catapulted us from the Agricultural era into the Industrial, from the Industrial into the Post-Industrial, and then, in the early nineties, into yet another type of economy (which we named “The Emotile Economy” [a combination of emotion and motility] and we projected that it, too, would be transformed beginning around 2005).

Why are we undergoing this transformation? The major story here is the collapsing of time frames that separate the major transitions from one economy to another, from tens of thousands of years to decades (i.e. we were in the Agricultural era for thousands of years, the Industrial for hundreds, the Post-Industrial for ~50, and the Emotile for ~25).

These transformations are brought about by the convergences of new technologies that create efficiencies in existing businesses, create whole new ones, replace work and workers, open up entirely new vistas, and shift all the underpinning of societies.

This transformation has given rise to a new economy, one which includes 10 major growth areas that will increasingly shape, define and influence the future. The Metaspace Economy™ educational services provide a proprietary framework that has become extremely popular. These educational services include workshops and programs, as well as speaking engagements.


Time Space

This is the leveraging of time in space, which not only implies multi-tasking of products and services, but also the overlaying of careers, and leveraging the economic value of time.


Inner Space

This is the mapping of the brain, especially the human brain, in order to gain insight into what makes us tick. This is quickly leading to the neurofication of everything,


Micro Space

Our acronym for this is BAANGFUEL – Bits, Atoms, Antimatter, Neurons, Genes, Frequencies & vibrations and Ultra- & Infra-Spectral Energy and Light.


Cyber Space

Far bigger than the one original Internet, this will be where people live, work, socialize, learn, experience, play, affiliate, and compete.


Design Space

Design, and design thinking, will become one of the most critical differentiators in the marketplace, in the home, in schools, in customer service, in the workplace, etc.


Green-to-Blue Space

Being “green” will become far more urgent, but as we discover the possibilities in “blue” – putting back more than we consume – revolutionary changes will take place.


Play Space

Gamification, the application of game mechanics in a non-gaming environment, will increasingly permeate everything around us. With this will come a focus on better integration of the concepts of play and fun with serious work.


Inter Space

This is about the development of new and diverse “nets” that draw inspiration for their engineering and design from the architecture of the Internet itself.


Storage Space

There is a greatly increased need for storage of big data, information in our brains, our personal “stuff,” e-waste, growing urban populations, food and water, energy, nuclear waste, etc.


Outer Space

Almost every aspect of life will intersect with satellites, which will be smaller and cheaper. Space exploration, tourism, and development will grow.

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This overview of The Metaspace Economy™ services gives you a more detailed glimpse at what defines this emerging economy and its 10 major underpinnings.

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