Below are 4 distinct trend diagnostic tools to help you identify and analyze trends. Two of these are proprietary tools from The Future Hunters. These tools are incredibly powerful in the impact that a specific trend can have on your business.

The Tools

  • Implications Wheel

    A valuable tool for evaluating the implications of current trends, and identifying other trends that could impact the organization down the line.

  • Impact/Probabilty Grid

    A valuable tool for prioritizing current and prospective trends for strategic purposes across all business units of the organization.

  • Effreshency Scorecard

    A tool for all initiatives, the Effreshency Scorecard allows leaders to evaluate initiatives across a spectrum of categories, identifying strategic or tactical need-gaps.

  • The Change/Risk Matrix

    Used to catalog the risks arising from unprecedented change. Risk in the white space is analyzed: risk where it may not have been predictable beforehand and/or risk that does not tie back to any clearly liable entity.

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