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Starting Over:
Going Back to Square One

While advances in our knowledge have accelerated, so has our understanding of the limits of our knowledge and its applications. We are confronted more than ever with the need for “starting over.”

Public Capitalism vs.
Private Capitalism

Capitalism may be cleaving into two mainstream economic systems: Conventional capitalism and public capitalism, the latter of which works for the greater good while still allowing markets to operate.


Three fundamental things are destabilizing intergenerational dynamics to a greater degree than ever before: 1) Increasing life expectancy; 2) Rapid tech innovation.; 3) Fallout from the COVID-19 crisis.

The Rise of Visual Literacy

Being well-versed in the conceptual understanding of visual messaging—or “fluensee”—will become a growing imperative, as will knowing how to appropriately and effectively leverage it.

The Next Luxury Market

If we define a “luxury” in basic economic terms as something in high demand but short supply, then trust is becoming the next “luxury” market for organizations and individuals.

The Neohumanic Workforce

The world will be increasingly inhabited by “neohumans”—intelligent, learning robots that are accorded some sense of humanity. More of the workforce will be made up of both humans and neohumans working collaboratively.


Populist politics are often led by charismatic politicians. Popularism, on the other hand, is led by ideas. It is the idea itself that becomes democratized and widespread, usually irrespective of political party.

Betting on the DICEs

We are seeing the emergence of DICEs: Distributed Income Compensation Enterprises that disintermediate businesses by hiring dispersed populations to perform work in new ways.


There is a rising public urgency surrounding climate change—one that is spreading quickly and globally. We refer to this as enviralmentalism.


We still have an unrefined understanding of what is happening at the nexus of mental health and technology. We define this emerging field as technopsychology.

Feudalism 2.0: The Rapid Rise of Omni-Algorithms

Big Tech represents a type of feudalism 2.0 in which stratified “caste-like” digital systems direct, control and manage human behavior.

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