The best way to see exactly what The Future Hunters do is to dive right in and read our work. Below is a sample of what you will find in Future Bites – The 9 Emerging & Critical Trends for 2017 and Beyond. These summaries are full of observations, predictions and educational insights that you can apply to your everyday business development. Consider them a little gift from us to keep you on track and looking forward.

What You’ll Get

Emergence of a
Workreation Future

What may be looming is an era of technological unemployment, in which computer scientists and software engineers essentially invent us out of work, and the total number of jobs declines steadily and permanently.

Rise of the
Moonshot Economy

More businesses and billionaires may be given the green light by leadership, regulators, the public and investors to make bets on daring initiatives that could provide enormous windfalls.

Fear Of Invisible
Threats Syndrome

While there is rampant and broad-scale growth of technology initiatives everywhere around the world, this is leading to the widespread fear of invisible—and largely unknown—threats.

Recirculative Design

Our term which represents a new framework for how products are designed, built, sold, disposed of and consumed.

Growth of ‘Imagistructures’

Imagistructures—the reimagining of the way we design, develop, maintain and interact with our infrastructure—will provide truly imaginative solutions to global challenges.


Little attention has been paid to the cumulative economy of aging. But that must change.

Augmented Humanity

The near future of not only wearable technology—but embeddable, implantable and ingestible technology—will usher in an era of augmented humanity (AH).


Advanced robotics have left many concerned about a quickly approaching era of technological unemployment. But the future is not just about humans versus robots, but humans with robots.


Our notions of storytelling and narrative, aided by the rapid proliferation of new media platforms and technologies, are now making a quantum leap forward.

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