Wearable technologies – defined as what can be worn close to the body, on the body or in the body – are being increasingly refined to address basic human needs and desires. Wearables will revolutionize health and fitness, the workplace, homes, schools, personal and professional relationships, and everything in between. Advances in microelectronics, data storage and new materials technology will also mean more powerful, smaller, cheaper, more transparent and less detectable technologies. Techno-fashion has the potential to revitalize the in-store shopping experience by engaging shoppers in an entirely new way. Retailers that do not adopt, or prevent, the use of wearable technology in-store may lose favor among consumers interested in new shopping experiences. As wearables become smarter, they may also open the door to a more granular and targeted understanding of people’s behaviors. This oncoming flood of real-time information will likely provide the backbone for the next evolution of big data analytics.

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